POSTER Presentations

Paper IDAuthors, Contribution titleAreaTopics
48Erick Lopez-Ornelas and Rocío Abascal-Mena. Treemap visualization: a hierarchical method to discover user profiles on TwitterLanguage engineeringUser profiling
37Ana Laura Lezama Sánchez, Mireya Tovar Vidal and José Alejandro Reyes Ortiz. A behavior analysis of the impact of semantic relationships on topic discoveryLanguage engineeringTopic detection
64Gerardo Martínez Guzman, Beatriz Bernábe Loranca and Carmen Ceron Garnica. Application of the LDA model for obtaining topics from the WIKICORPUS corpusLanguage engineeringTopic detection
46Diana Jiménez, Omar Juárez Gambino and Hiram Calvo. Pseudo-labeling improves news identification and categorization with few annotated dataLanguage engineeringText processing, news
15Apurbalal Senapati. A fuzzy system for identifying partial reduplicationLanguage engineeringText processing, Bengali language
20Antonio Reyes and Rafael Saldívar. Linguistic-based approach for recognizing implicit language in hate speech: Exploratory insightsLanguage engineeringText processing
60Daniel Abraham Huerta-Velasco and Hiram Calvo. Verbal Aggressions Detection in Mexican TweetsLanguage engineeringText processing
96Julio Jesus Salas Conde, Manuel I. Martin Ortiz and Victor Manuel Carneiro Díaz. Methodology for Identification and Classifying of Cybercrime on Tor Network through the use of cryptocurrencies based on Web Textual ContentsLanguage engineeringText classification
79Mrinal Kanti Baowaly, George William Kibirige and Bikash Chandra Singh. Co-Comment Network: A novel approach to construct social networks within RedditLanguage engineeringSocial networks
93Arturo Pérez-Cebreros, Eduardo Vázquez-Fernández and Alma Partida-Herrera. SVM based Learning System for the Detection of Depression in Social NetworksLanguage engineeringSocial networks
97Iskander Akhmetov, Alexander Gelbukh and Rustam Mussabayev. Topic-Aware Sentiment Analysis of News ArticlesLanguage engineeringSentiment analysis
18Maria Beatriz Bernábe Loranca, Rogelio González Velazquez, Erika Granillo and Alberto José Luis Carrillo Canán. Sentiment Analysis and Multiple Means Comparison for the 2020 United States ElectionsLanguage engineeringSentiment analysis
56Yuridiana Alemán, María Somodevilla-Garcia and Vilariño Darnes. Semi-automatic creation of ontologies from unstructured pedagogical texts to assist in significant learningLanguage engineeringOntologies
5Masaki Murata and Yuhei Kubo. Assigning Character Strings to Links to Construct Concept NetworksLanguage engineeringConceptual networks
7Barbara Emma Sánchez Rinza and Alberto Jaramillo Nuñez. LSB Algorithm to hide text an audio signalKnowledge engineeringSignal processing
6Barbara Emma Sánchez Rinza and Alberto Jaramillo Nuñez. ENCRYPTING INFORMATION USING AUDIO PHASE REVERSALKnowledge engineeringSignal processing
9David Valle-Cruz, Asdrúbal López-Chau, Marco Antonio Ramos-Corchado and Vianney Muñoz-Jiménez. Emotion-aware Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Personality, Emotion, and Mood SimulationKnowledge engineeringSentiment analysis
11Karina Figueroa, Antonio Camarena-Ibarrola and Luis Valero. Permutation Based Algorithm Improved by Groups for Similarity SearchingKnowledge engineeringSearching
62Rogelio González Velazquez, Erika Granillo, Beatriz Bernábe Loranca and Jairo Powell. GRASP for local search for SQAP solutionsKnowledge engineeringSearching
38Prakash Mondal. Predicate Concepts and their Normal FormKnowledge engineeringReasoning
69Alba Maribel Sánchez Gálvez, Ricardo Alvarez González, Sully Sánchez Gálvez and Mario Anzures García. Model to predict the result of a soccer match based on the number of goals scored by a single teamKnowledge engineeringpattern recognition
88Rafael Guzman-Cabrera and Belem Priego-Sanchez. Automatic classification of Images with skin cancer using artificial intelligenceKnowledge engineeringMachine learning, Medical images, image processing
53Francisco Javier Ruiz Ortega, Alicia MartÍnez Rebollar, JosÉ Jasson Flores Prieto and Hugo Estrada Esquivel. Design on a low cost IoT architecture for greenhouses monitoringKnowledge engineeringIoT infraestructures
31Blanca Nydia Perez Camacho, Juan Manuel Gonzalez Calleros and Gustavo Rodriguez Gomez. Methodology to Develop a Home Energy Management System ArchitectureKnowledge engineeringIoT infraestructures
3Alma-Delia Cuevas-Rasgado, Carlos-Omar González-Morán, Asdrubal López-Chau and Ulrich Broeckl. Interoperability of Sensors in Buildings for Monitoring to Search of Alive Victims after EarthquakesKnowledge engineeringIoT infraestructures
70Md. Rafsun Jany Arman, Md. Monowar Hossain and Md. Sabir Hossain. Fish classification using saliency detection depending on shape and textureKnowledge engineeringImage processing
54Beatriz A. González-Beltrán, José A. Reyes-Ortiz and Erick E. Montelongo-González. Breast, lung and liver cancer classification from structured and unstructured dataKnowledge engineeringImage processing
51Víctor Ocyel Chávez Guerrero, Humberto Pérez Espinosa, María Eugenia Puga Nathal and Verónica Reyes Meza. Classification of Domestic Dogs Emotional Behaviors Using Computer VisionKnowledge engineeringComputer vision
10Guillermo De Ita and Pedro Bello. Model checking algorithms for repairing inference between conjunctive formsKnowledge engineeringComputational Complexity
30Nelva Nely Almanza-Ortega, Joaquín Pérez-Ortega, José Crispín Zavala-Díaz and José Solís-Romero. Comparative analysis of K-means variants implemented in RKnowledge engineeringClassification
45Daniel Marcelo González Arriaga, María Aurora Diozcora Vargas Treviño, Josefina Guerrero García and Jesus López Gómez. Development of a platform to generate CNN and multilayer neural networksKnowledge engineeringClassification
29Amado Scott Bello-Valle, Alicia Martínez-Rebollar, Wendy Sánchez Gómez and Hugo Estrada-Esquivel. A predictive model for automatic detection of loneliness and social isolation using machine learningKnowledge engineeringClassification