ORAL Presentations

Paper IDAuthors, Contribution titleAreaTopics
63Raksha Agarwal and Niladri Chatterjee. Query-focused Multi-Document Text Summarization using Fuzzy InferenceLanguage engineeringText summarization
55Melesio Crespo-Sanchez, Iván Lopez-Arevalo, Edwin Aldana-Bobadilla and Alejandro Molina-Villegas. A Content Spectral-based Text RepresentationLanguage engineeringText representation
98Bilal Tahir and Dr. Amir Mehmood. Anbar: Collection and Analysis of a Large Scale Urdu Language Twitter CorpusLanguage engineeringText processing, Urdu language
42Juan-Luis García-Mendoza, Luis Villaseñor-Pineda, Felipe Orihuela-Espina and Lázaro Bustio-Martínez. An Autoencoder-based Representation for Noise Reduction in Distant Supervision of Relation ExtractionLanguage engineeringText processing, Relation extraction
80Belem Priego-Sanchez and Rafael Guzman Cabrera. Polarity Identification of a text given the emotion of it is authorLanguage engineeringText processing, Polarity identification
32Manuel Alejandro Sanchez-Fernandez, Alfonso Medina-Urrea and Juan Manuel Torres-Moreno. Latent Semantic Analysis for tagging Activation States and Identifiability in Northwestern Mexican news outletsLanguage engineeringText processing, news
27Fazlourrahman Balouchzahi, H L Shashirekha and Grigori Sidorov. Fake News Spreaders Profiling using N-grams of Various Types and SHAP-based Feature SelectionLanguage engineeringText processing, news
61Sergio Damian, Hiram Calvo and Alexander Gelbukh. Fake News Detection using n-grams for PAN@CLEF CompetitionLanguage engineeringText processing, news
44Yevhen Kostiuk, Mykola Lukashchuk, Grigori Sidorov and Alexander Gelbukh. Prior Latent Distribution Comparison for theRNN Variational Autoencoder in Low-ResourceLanguage ModelingLanguage engineeringText processing
92Mirta Fuentes-Ramos, Eddy Sánchez-DelaCruz, Iván-Vladimir Meza-Ruiz and Cecilia-Irene Loeza-Mejía. Neurodegenerative diseases categorization by applying the automatic model selection and hyperparameter optimization methodLanguage engineeringText processing
57Jianfei Zhang, Wenger Rong, Dali Chen and Zhang Xiong. Question Type and Answer Related Keywords Aware Question GenerationLanguage engineeringText processing
26Kushagri Tandon and Niladri Chatterjee. Multi-label Text Classification with an Ensemble Feature SpaceLanguage engineeringText classification
12Dorian Ruiz Alonso, Claudia Zepeda Cortes, Hilda Castillo Zacatelco and José Luis Carballido Carranza. Multi-label classification of feedbacksLanguage engineeringText classification
39Dorian Ruiz Alonso, Claudia Zepeda Cortes, Hilda Castillo Zacatelco and Jose Luis Carballido Carranza. Hyperparameter tuning for multi-label classification of feedbacks in online coursesLanguage engineeringText classification
52Aman Bahuguna, Deepak Yadav, Apurbalal Senapati and Baidya Nath Saha. A Unified Deep Neuro-Fuzzy Approach for COVID-19 Twitter Sentiment ClassificationLanguage engineeringSentiment classification,  Twitter
36Jesús Miguel García-Gorrostieta, Aurelio Lopez-Lopez, Samuel González-López and Adrián P. López-Monroy. Improved Argumentative Paragraphs Detection in Academic Theses Supported with Unit SegmentationLanguage engineeringSemantic text processing
40María Auxilio Medina Nieto, Jorge De la Calleja Mora, Claudia Zepeda Cortés and Eduardo López Domínguez. Onto4AIR2: an ontology to manage theses from open repositoriesLanguage engineeringOntologies
84Sahinur Rahman Laskar, Abdullah Faiz Ur Rahman Khilji, Partha Pakray and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay. Improved Neural Machine Translation for Low-Resource English-Assamese PairLanguage engineeringMachine translation
22Niladri Chatterjee, Aayush Singha Roy and Nidhika Yadav. Soft Rough Set based Span for Unsupervised Keyword ExtractionLanguage engineeringKeyword extraction
94Noman Ashraf, Raza Mustafa, Sabur Butt, Grigori Sidorov and Alexander Gelbukh. YouTube Based Religious Hate Speech and Extremism Detection Dataset with Machine Learning BaselinesLanguage engineeringHate speech
41Valery Solovyev and Vladimir Ivanov. Automatic generation of a large dictionary with concreteness/abstractness ratings based on a small human dictionaryLanguage engineeringDictionaries
95Stephanie Vázquez-González, María Somodevilla-Garcia and Rosalva Loreto-López. Creating a corpus of historical documents for the emotions identificationLanguage engineeringCorpus
35Gerardo Sierra, Tonatiuh Hernández-García, Helena Gómez-Adorno and Gemma Bel-Enguix. A Case Study in Authorship Attribution: The MondrigoLanguage engineeringAuthorship attribution
17Carolina Martín del Campo Rodríguez, Grigori Sidorov and Ildar Batyrshin. Unsupervised Authorship Attribution Using Feature Selection and Weighted Cosine SimilarityLanguage engineeringAuthorship attribution
21Beatriz Bernábe Loranca, Mirna Huerta, John Cardiff and José Eduardo Espinosa Rosales. A Statistical evaluation of the oral vaccine S3pvac Papaya against Cysticercosis of Taenia PsiformisKnowledge engineeringStatistics
43Alfredo García Suárez, Juan Manuel González Calleros and Amparo Dora Palomino Merino. Detection of the level of attention in children with ADHD through brain waves and corporal postureKnowledge engineeringSignal processing
65Rafael Guzman-Cabrera, Iván Hernández-Robles, Xiomara González Ramírez and José Rafael Guzmán Sepúlveda. Improved approach to wave potential estimation using bivariate distributionsKnowledge engineeringSignal processing
75Alma Eloisa Rodriguez Medina, Saul Dominguez-Isidro and Alberto Ramirez-Martinell. A Microlearning Path Recommendation Approach Based on Ant Colony OptimizationKnowledge engineeringSearching
50Carlos Leopoldo Carreón Díaz de León, Sergio Vergara Limon, María Aurora Diozcora Vargas Treviño and Juan Manuel González Calleros. A novel methodology of parametric identification for robots based on a CNNKnowledge engineeringRobotics, wavelets
23Mariela Morveli-Espinoza, Juan Carlos Nieves and Cesar A. Tacla. Handling Temporality in Human Activity ReasoningKnowledge engineeringReasoning
2Taku Utsuki-Alexander, Jorge Rios-Martinez, Francisco Madera-Ramirez and Humberto Pérez-Espinosa. Towards an intelligent personal assistant for hearing impaired peopleKnowledge engineeringPersonal assistance device
49Claudio Gutiérrez-Soto, Tatiana Gutiérrez-Bunster and Guillermo Fuentes. A New and Efficient Algorithm to Look for Periodic Patterns on Spatio-Temporal Databases (Part 1) (Part 2)Knowledge engineeringpattern recognition
89Nahum Rangel, Salvador Godoy-Calderon and Hiram Calvo. Deep Symbolic Processing of Human-Performed Musical SequencesKnowledge engineeringMusic processing
25Omar Lopez-Rincon, Oleg Starostenko and Alejandro Lopez-Rincon. Algorithmic Music Generation by Harmony Recombination with Genetic AlgorithmKnowledge engineeringMusic generation
67Rosario Lissiet Romero Coripuna, Delia Irazu Hernandez Farias, Blanca Olivia Murillo Ortiz and Teodoro Córdova Fraga. Electro-Impedance Mammograms for Automatic Breast Cancer Screening: First Insights on Mexican PatientsKnowledge engineeringMedical images, image processing
8Daniel Trevino-Sanchez and Vicente Alarcon-Aquino. Hybrid Pooling with Wavelets for Convolutional Neural NetworksKnowledge engineeringMachine learning, Wavelets
1Usman Ahmed, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin and Gautam Srivastava. Ensemble-based Deep Meta learning for Medical Image SegmentationKnowledge engineeringMachine learning, Medical images, image processing
91Usman Ahmed, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin and Gautam Srivastava. Deep Active Reinforcement Learning for Privacy Preserve Data Mining in 5G networksKnowledge engineeringMachine learning
16Oscar Herrera and Angeles Belem Priego Sánchez. Wavelets as activation functions in Neural NetworksKnowledge engineeringMachine learning
28Joel Suarez-Cansino, Virgilio Lopez-Morales and Julio-Cesar Rámos-Fernández. Automatic Generation of Learning Outcomes based on Long Short–Term Memory Artificial Neural Network.Knowledge engineeringMachine learning
68Lauro Reyes-Cocoletzi, Ivan Olmos-Pineda and Arturo Olvera-López. Motion Estimation in Vehicular Environments based on Bayesian Dynamic NetworksKnowledge engineeringimage processing, vehicles
71Ana Luisa Ballinas Hernández, Ivan Olmos Pineda and Jose Arturo Olvera López. Marked and Unmarked Speed Bump Detection for Autonomous Vehicles using Stereo VisionKnowledge engineeringimage processing, vehicles
58Edgar E. Sierra Enríquez, José E. Valdez-Rodríguez, Edgardo Felipe-Riveron and Hiram Calvo. Classification and Enhancement of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Samples using Convolutional Neural NetworksKnowledge engineeringImage processing
24Rafael Gallardo García, Beatriz Beltran Martínez, Carlos Hernández Gracidas and Darnes Vilariño Ayala. Searching for Memory-Lighter Architectures for OCR-Augmented Image CaptioningKnowledge engineeringimage captioning
81Marco Antonio Lopez-Medina, José Raymunod Marcial-Romero, Guillermo De Ita and José Antonio Hernández-Servín. A method for counting models on grid Boolean formulasKnowledge engineeringComputational Complexity
47Fernando Rebollar Castelan, Rocio Aldeco-Perez and Marco Antonio Ramos Corchado. Modeling a multilayered blockchain framework for digital services that governments can implementKnowledge engineeringblockchain