Keynote Speaker 2: Profr. John Alexis Guerra Gómez

Profr. John Alexis Guerra Gómez

Information Visualization Researcher and Engineer. I help people extract insights from their data using interactive infovis and data science. PhD in Computer Science, Assistant Teaching Professor at Northeastern University Bay Area. I conduct research on Visual Analytics, Accessibility, Big data, Human Computer Interaction and Web Development. Formerly at UCBerkeley, Uniandes Colombia, Yahoo Labs, Xerox PARC and DUTO.

Keynote: The power for interactive information visualization for insight discovery


Insights are the true objective of data analytics, data mining or data science, whatever is your preferred term of choice. However, when looking at popularity, data analytics tends to be associated solely with creating models and machine learning. In this talk, I make a call to focus on the insights by showing you how interactive and rich information visualizations can help the final user draw their own conclusions, while using ML and other techniques just as means to the end.